Richard Jefferson Snapchat Name

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Richard Jefferson is a legend on Snapchat.  LeBron James was surprised that Jefferson was able to get his phone from the locker room after Cleveland’s win against the Boston Celtics.  James stays away from social media during the playoffs but Jefferson does the exact opposite.  Check out the video below:

Cleveland Cavaliers small forward, Richard Allen Jefferson, recently announced that he is not retiring.  CBS reports that the 36-year-old initially announced that he was retiring after the team won the 2016 NBA Championship.  Unlike Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant, the NBA veteran isn’t quite ready to call it quits.

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According to Slam, the Los Angeles native signed a two-year deal for $5 million.  We guess it’s difficult to say goodbye to that type of money to play the sport that you love.  Richard Jefferson’s Snapchat name is Rjeff24:

Richard Jefferson Snapchat Name
Richard Jefferson Snapchat Name

The veteran leadership that he brought to the Cavs, is one of the reasons they were able to win the championship.  In a heartfelt letter, prior to Game 6, he explained that he made it to the Finals twice in his entire career and he wasn’t taking the opportunity for granted.  Two games later, he was crowned a champion.

Net Worth

  • The talented basketball player is currently worth $50 million.
  • In 2004 he signed a six-year deal worth $78 million with the New Jersey Nets.
  • In 2015 he left the Dallas Mavericks and signed a veteran’s minimum deal with the Cavs ($1.5 million).
Richard Jefferson Snapchat Name
Richard Jefferson Snapchat Name

Is Richard Jefferson Gay?

  • The following video shows the 36-year-old helping his teammate, Kyrie Irving.
  • As a result, a substantial amount of NBA fans, who dislike the Cleveland Cavaliers, started a rumor that he was gay.
  • He is not gay.
  • Richard Jefferson’s wife is Teresa Lourenco, a Trinidadian model.