Kristen Smith – Tiger Woods, Gerald Sensabaugh

Kristen Smith is Tiger Woods’ 33-year-old girlfriend.  She is NFL player, Gerald Sensabaugh’s ex-wife.  Media outlets report that Kristin was out shopping at Neiman Marcus when she heard about Woods being arrested.  Tiger is blaming the arrest on prescription drugs.  Mixing prescription drugs can be extremely dangerous but Tiger Woods should know that.

Former NBA player, Gilbert Arenas, called Tiger out for lying.  He thinks Tiger should be honest by admitting that he made a mistake.  A witness claims that Kristin went crazy on the phone when she heard about Tiger’s DUI.  She is a stylist and she reportedly spent over $5,000 at Neiman Marcus on Monday after hearing about the incident.

Kristen Smith Tiger Woods Gerald Sensabaugh
Kristen Smith Tiger Woods Gerald Sensabaugh

I am a Tiger Woods fan so I hope he’s telling the truth.  The problem is the golfer’s mugshot.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words and Tiger’s mugshot is priceless.  As the meme below explains: “Mask on, mask off.”

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Tiger’s droopy eyelids and blank stare prove that he was most likely drunk.  We stopped believing Tiger Woods after his divorce.  He’s a liar and a cheater.  He was a great golf player but he lacks the character traits needed to demand respect.

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