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Jim Beanz, Empire’s Musical Mastermind

Jim Beanz is the musical mastermind responsible for Empire‘s season 2 classic, “Good People.” He wrote and produced that song himself.  In the series, Jamal and Hakeem perform that track for Andre.  Rhonda and Andre’s baby passed away after someone pushed Rhonda down the stairs of their home.  Jim’s amazing song brought tears to my eyes.

Jim Beanz Empire Fox
Jim Beanz Empire Fox

Check out Jim Beanz 2017 remix to The Simpsons theme song:

Empire is a musical: We adore the show because it enables us to play the moments, pause the memories, stop the pain and rewind the happiness.  The Empire show’s music has the ability to make us smile.  From the guilty smile across all our faces the first time we heard Drip Drop to that uncontrollable smirk that only a song like Lucious’ Snitch Bitch could provoke.

Most of the Empire show’s music is thanks to a special lyricist and songwriter whose name is not Timbaland.  Timbaland’s songs for the show are amazing yet he already receives a substantial amount of credit.  Timbaland puts the finishing touches on the show’s jams yet it is someone else who does the additional labor.
Jim Beanz Empire TV Show Titan
Jim Beanz Empire TV Show Titan

Jim Bean Empire Show Music
Jim Bean Empire Show Music
Alongside Timbaland, Jim Beanz is the producer responsible for Empire’s unforgettable musical moments.  Beanz also appears on the show as Titan.  Most of Timbaland’s songs for the show wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of Jim Beanz.  He sings, writes and produces.  
Born James Washington, Beanz is currently signed to Timbaland Productions and Sunset Entertainment Group.  Prior to working with Timbaland, Beanz was a part of the R&B group Tresan.  Beanz used to work exclusively with Timbaland’s singers yet now he does it all: vocal production, writing and producing.  Empire is truly blessed to have him!
Empire Season 2 Soundtrack
Jim Beanz was not expecting the first season’s soundtrack to perform as well as it did yet we are certain he is aware of the fact that we can’t wait for Empire’s Season 2 Soundtrack.  

Jim Beanz Empire jams have just begun! The show’s future is bright, alongside Timbaland, Beanz will ensure that we are able to attach the perfect melodies to our Empire memories.

By Jason John

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