Jared McLemore, Memphis – Set Himself On Fire Video

Jared McLemore is the Memphis musician that died after setting himself on fire.  The incident was recorded and shared via Facebook Live.  This is far from the first deadly Facebook Live video.  I don’t think Facebook will continue to offer the service if people keep using it to broadcast negative content.

Scroll to the video at the end of this article for additional details about the horrific incident.  McLemore was 33-years-old.  He set himself on fire before entering a crowded bar.  He poured kerosene on himself to ensure the fire wouldn’t go out.

Jared McLemore Memphis Set Himself On Fire Video
Jared McLemore Memphis Set Himself On Fire Video

Jared’s ex-girlfriend Alyssa Moore

McLemore’s ex-girlfriend, Alyssa Moore works at Murphy’s, the bar Jared entered after setting himself on fire.  Alyssa was at work when Jared walked in.  If you’re in a relationship, this isn’t the way to handle issues with your significant other.  Alyssa is a sound engineer at Murphy’s.  She revealed her belief that Jared set himself on fire so she could see the horror.

In 2016, Moore was arrested for threatening to kill Alyssa.  We must find better ways to handle relationship problems.  Suicide, or hurting yourself, does not solve any problems.  

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By Jason John

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