Instagram: We’ll Try Again Once There’s A Better Connection

Is Instagram down? This article will provide troubleshooting tips you can use on Instagram.  I keep getting the following message when I try to upload videos: “We’ll try again once there’s a better connection.” I’m also having problems with Instagram Stories.  If you’re in an area where the Wi-Fi or cellular signal is weak, you may not be able to upload videos.

Check the size of your video

Instagram videos can only be 60 seconds long.  The app usually crops your video when it’s longer than 60 seconds.  The minimum resolution is 1800 x 945 pixels.  If your video is within these dimensions then you have to be patient.  I am able to upload an image on Instagram but I haven’t been able to upload any new videos.

Instagram We'll Try Again Once There's A Better Connection
Instagram We’ll Try Again Once There’s A Better Connection

The company better fix the app’s video problems ASAP.  The Instagram vs. Snapchat battle is far from over and problems like this can be detrimental.  Social media users have short attention spans and too many choices.  I discovered 5 new features on Snapchat since Instagram has been down.  The following tweet explains that Instagram is ruining someone’s birthday! 

Do you have a solution from Instagram’s “We’ll try again once there’s a better connection” message.  Share your thoughts in the comment section below.