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How Many Kids Does Jimmy Kimmel Have?

Jimmy Kimmel has four children: Kevin, Katherine, Jane and William John.  Kimmel was married to Gina Maddy from 1988 to 2002.  She’s the mother of his first two children, Kevin and Katherine.  Kimmel married his second wife, Molly McNearney, in 2013.  Molly’s the mother of Jane and William John.

William “Billy” John Kimmel

Kimmel’s youngest son, William “Billy” John was born on April 21, 2017.  On Monday, May 1, 2017, Jimmy opened up about William’s heart defects.  The talk show host explained that his son’s condition will require him to have multiple open heart surgeries throughout his life.  One of the the surgeries was performed hours after he was born.  Scroll to the end of this article to hear Jimmy’s emotional monologue.  Here’s a picture of William after the surgery:

Jimmy Kimmel Son William John "Billy"
Jimmy Kimmel Son William John “Billy”

Jane Kimmel

Jimmy’s youngest daughter, Jane, was born on July 10, 2014.  Last year, Jane made headlines after her mother posted a hilarious picture of her.  The pic showed Jane pretending to throw up in her potty.  She was impersonating her mother who was pregnant at the time.  Jane is just as funny as her father.
Jimmy Kimmel Daughter Jane
Jimmy Kimmel Daughter Jane

Katie Kimmel

Katie Kimmel was born on August 28, 1991.  She describes herself as a Los Angeles based artist with horrible taste and a bad attitude.  Like her older brother, Kevin, Katie appeared on The Man Show and Crank Yankers.  She made her first appearance on Crank Yankers in 2003.  Initially, she only had short lines.  As the years went by she started making entire phone calls by herself.
Jimmy Kimmel Daughter Katie
Jimmy Kimmel Daughter Katie

Kevin Kimmel

Kevin Kimmel was born on September 19, 1993.  He’s following in his father’s footsteps as an entertainer.  Kevin is best known for his appearance on Crank Yankers.  His father was a regular on the comedy series.  Kevin also appeared on The Man Show in 1999 and Survivor in 2000.  In 2009, he worked in the Sound Department on the television series Tosh.0.

Jimmy Kimmel Son Kevin
Jimmy Kimmel Son Kevin

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