Drake – Kiss The Weeknd?

Did Drake kiss The Weeknd? They didn’t kiss but they looked like they were about to lock lips.  The two entertainers got very close during The Weeknd’s performance in London.  Drake wouldn’t be the first male Cash Money Records artist to kiss a man.  Birdman and Lil Wayne’s kisses went viral a few years back.

Unlike Birdman and Lil Wayne, Drake and The Weeknd haven’t tried to justify kissing each other.  Birdman and Lil Wayne claimed they would kiss because they were imitating the lifestyle of the mob.  Now that they’re no longer getting along we most likely won’t be seeing them share any future kisses.

Drake Kiss The Weeknd?
Drake Kiss The Weeknd?

Cash Money Records Drama

It was great seeing Lil Wayne and Birdman’s kids in recent images together.
Cash Money and Young Money have been dealing with major legal problems.  Despite their legal issues, Wayne and Drake have remained close.  The duo recently joined Nicki Minaj on her track “No Frauds.”

Hip hop record labels typically don’t last.  While Bad Boy is still around, it’s not what it used to be.  Death Row went downhill once Tupac died.  Hopefully we won’t be saying the same about Cash Money and Young Money.

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