Drake Baby Mama 2018 – 5 Facts You Need To Know

Drake’s 2018 baby mama is Sophie Brussaux.  The Toronto rapper’s albums have all included songs about his love life.  He has dated some of the most successful women in the world yet he’s still single.   Drake’s most recent girlfriend was Jennifer Lopez.  He got back with Rihanna and Serena Williams before his relationship with Jennifer.

Drake’s busy schedule is most likely the reason he hasn’t settled down.  He dates celebrities who are just as busy as him.  Maybe Sophie’s a blessing in disguise.  The following list provides 5 facts you need to know about Drake’s 2017 baby mama, Sophie Brussaux.

Drake Baby Mama 2017
Drake Baby Mama 2017


1. Sophie is allegedly three-and-a-half months pregnant with Drake’s daughter

The dates add up.  Drake was spotted with Sophie in late January 2017 and now she claims she’s three-and-a-half months pregnant with his daughter.  Layla Lace is the Instagram model that recently claimed to be pregnant with Drake’s baby.  Unlike Layla, Sophie was actually spotted with the rapper.

2. Drake supposedly asked her to get an abortion

Sophie released a text message conversation that shows Drake asking her to get an abortion.  In the convo, Sophie says she’s not getting an abortion and Drake gets upset and says “F**k you.” That’s not a smart response if the rapper wants her to get an abortion.  There’s most likely no amount of money he can offer her to make her agree to get an abortion.

3. Drake was spotted with Sophie while he was dating Jennifer Lopez

We’re happy Jennifer Lopez fell in love with Alex Rodriguez.  This news could have left the singer depressed.  Jennifer and Drake’s relationship was brief but they were crazy about each other.  I hope J. Lo and A. Rod stay together.  They make a great couple.

4. Drake’s spokesperson says Sophie had intercourse with another famous rapper

I was surprised to see Drake’s spokesperson respond to the allegations.  When you’re a celebrity, you usually ignore false claims.  Is Drake admitting that the baby could be his by responding to Sophie’s claims? Yes.  The rapper’s spokesperson says he’ll do the right thing if he’s the baby’s father.

5. Sophie is a former adult film star

Sophie is a former adult film star that has been seen on World Star Hip Hop numerous times.  When she worked in the adult film industry, she went by the name Rosee Divine.  She’s the only person in most her films.

What do you think about Drake’s 2017 baby mama, Sophie Brussaux.  Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


By Jason John

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