Did Fetty Wap Get Shot? Empire

Fetty Wap’s character on Empire, Trig, gets shot so he’s running late to a recording session with Andre and Jamal.  The rapper, whose real name is Willie Maxwell II, did not get shot in real life.  Episode 16 of Empire‘s third season, “Absent Child” was one of the best episodes I’ve seen in a long time.

The Father And The Sun

Jamal and Lucious are finally back on the same page.  Lucious’ mother, Leah Walker, tells Lucious that Jamal is special and Lucious finally listens.  He surprises Jamal by placing images of his father, Jamal’s grandfather, in the studio.  Lucious initially wanted Fetty Wap aka Trig added to the song but after his mom’s statement Lucious decided to do the track without the rapper.

Did Fetty Wap Get Shot? Empire
Did Fetty Wap Get Shot? Empire

Clair Huxtable has Baby Bella

Initially, the DuBois family didn’t have anything to do with baby Bella being taken by Child Protective Services.  I think Angelo’s mother decided to get involved after Cookie had Angelo beat up.  Angelo is a honest person so I don’t think he’ll let his mom keep Bella away from the Lyon family.  I do think Cookie will be forced to pay for her actions.  While she didn’t throw any punches, she had Angelo kidnapped and beat up.

I think Andre got baby Bella taken by Child Protective Services.  Anika pushed Rhonda down the stairs, killing Rhonda and Andre’s unborn child.  Andre is finally getting his revenge.

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By Jason John

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