Why is There A ‘Breaking Bad’ Filter On Snapchat?

Well, if you read about
‘Breaking Bad’ coming back and got all happy and excited thinking that the main
character is not really dead and that the show is actually, really coming back,
you were misled into believing this by the fake
news sites
there are online. Sorry but it isn’t really returning at all.
The only show that is coming back that is close to ‘Breaking Bad’ is ‘Better
Call Saul’
and it is returning for its third season premiere on April 10.
And, you won’t want to miss the newest season!

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Maybe because of the
fake news going around saying that the show is coming back is the reason for
the new ‘Breaking Bad’ filter on Snapchat. Did you see the new ‘Breaking Bad’
filter on the social network yet? It is a picture of a man who resembles Walter
White with a black hat and sunglasses on. 
Why Is There A Breaking Bad Filter On Snapchat?
Why Is There A Breaking Bad Filter On Snapchat?

Anyway, no, the show is
not coming back at all. The main fake news site that posted this even has a
disclaimer on the site that says none of their news is real. Sorry if you
thought it was, but it isn’t!
What do you think about
this new Snapchat filter of the show, ‘Breaking Bad?’ Do you think the reason
for this filter is because of the fake news that the show is returning? Sound
off with your thoughts on this and let us know what you think!