Why Did Aaron Hernandez Kill Odin Lloyd?

Why did Aaron Hernandez kill Odin Lloyd? Drugs.  Aaron was addicted to drugs for many years.  The former NFL star was found hanged in his prison cell on Wednesday, April 19, 2017.  He had a tough upbringing.  His father died when Aaron was 16 and his mother cheated on his father with an abusive drug dealer.

Aaron Hernandez was addicted to angel dust

Hernandez was addicted to angel dust.  Hernandez’s friends reveal that he was addicted to angel dust aka PCP (Phencyclidine).  The former New England Patriots player had serious trust issues.  Him and Odin Lloyd had a misunderstanding at a nightclub, leading Hernandez to orchestrate Lloyd’s murder.  Angel dust causes users to become paranoid, explaining why Aaron didn’t trust Odin.

Why Did Aaron Hernandez Kill Odin Lloyd?
Why Did Aaron Hernandez Kill Odin Lloyd?

Odin Lloyd’s cousin didn’t like Aaron Hernandez

On June 14, 2013, Lloyd and Hernandez partied at Rumor nightclub in Boston.  Lloyd spots two of his cousins at the club and embraces them.  Odin’s cousins are West Indian.  One of them had dreads and didn’t bite his tongue.  He didn’t like Aaron and let him know it.  He started pointing at Hernandez and Lloyd tried to calm him.  It was too late.

2012 Murder

In 2012, two men were killed in Boston after leaving a club.  Hernandez was indicted for the murder.  The men that were killed were friends of Lloyd’s cousin.  That’s why Lloyd’s cousin didn’t want him with Hernandez.  The incident led to Lloyd’s murder.  Aaron Hernandez’s addiction to angel dust and anger issues led him to panic.  He thought his life was endanger so he called two of his goons and they killed Odin Lloyd.

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