Who Won The Rap Game Season 3? 2017

Nova won season 3 of The Rap Game! He got the chain and he’s So So Def’s newest artist.

Flau’jae was the first person to be eliminated.  Jermaine explained that she’s not ready yet.  King Roscoe was the second person that was sent home but JD tells him that they’ll definitely work together in the future.  Dupri even jokes about giving Roscoe’s mother a job.

Who Won The Rap Game Season 3? 2017?
Who Won The Rap Game Season 3? 2017?

Deetranada was the third person to go home.  She broke down when Jermaine Dupri told her the sad news.  We’ll definitely be hearing about her in the very near future!

The season 3 finale of The Rap Game was unforgettable.  Deetranada’s performance was epic.  She came out covered in a black sheet with a question mark on it.  She started delivering lyrics and then threw off the sheet.

The theme of Flau’jae’s song was making herself heard.  Jermaine Dupri called her out in a previous episode for losing her breathe in the middle of a song.  She has improved since then and wants to make sure Jermaine knows.

King Roscoe also delivered a powerful performance.  He started with his crown and then threw it off.  By the end of his performance he was dancing and the crowd loved it.

Did Nova win season 3 of The Rap Game? No, but that’s who we think will win the competition.  This post discusses the final four contestants.  The competition started with five talented rappers but Tally decided to leave because she didn’t want to battle rap.  We’re still wondering why Jermaine Dupri allowed Tally to return to the series.

Keep reading for information about each contestant.  We discuss their chances of winning the competition.  Jermaine Dupri’s reality competition series is a hit and we can’t wait for season 4!

Who Won The Rap Game Season 3? 2017
Who Won The Rap Game Season 3? 2017


As explained above, Tally gave up.  She didn’t perform well in the first battle rap against Keshun so she decided not to compete in episode 12’s battle.  Jermaine Dupri made a mistake by letting her return to the series.  The other contestants take rap seriously and they’re working hard to win.  Tally leaves every time she’s not happy with the rules of the competition.  We’re glad she left!


Flau’jae is a talented rapper with serious potential.  The competition was tough this season.  She was only 12-years-old during the competition putting her at a disadvantage.  Hip-hop’s in her blood and she’s making her father proud.  Flau’jae has connections thanks to her father, rapper Camouflage.  He was murdered in 2003 and Flau’jae is carrying on his legacy.  

King Roscoe

King Roscoe impressed Jermaine Dupri in the “Don’t Underestimate Nobody” episode.  He was definitely the inspiration for the title of the episode.  As soon as Dupri announced that the contestants would be battling I jumped to the conclusion that Deetranada and Nova would be in the final round.  King Roscoe had something to say about that.  Roscoe is talented but Deetranada and Nova have more experience.


Deetranada is Nova’s strongest competition.  She has been through ups and downs throughout season 3.  I initially thought her attitude would lead her to an early exit but she proved me wrong.  Her lyrics never fail to amaze and she did a wonderful job representing Baltimore.  If she keeps working hard she’ll definitely earn herself a contract.


Nova is our pick to win the competition.  He’s on another level than the other contestants.  His uncle has trained him well and he’s ready to be a star.

Nova underestimated King Roscoe in the “Don’t Underestimate Nobody” episode but he’s built a strong foundation.  Nova has impressed Jermaine Dupri numerous times throughout season 3 and he deserves a record contract.  If JD’s smart, he’ll give Nova the So So Def chain in the season 3 finale episode, “One Contract, One Chain.”

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