What Happened To Taryll Jackson’s Mother? – Delores Martes Jackson

Taryll Jackson’s mother, Delores “Dee Dee” Martes Jackson died in 1994 under suspicious circumstances.  Taryll appeared on a recent episode of Iyanla: Fix My Life.  Him and his girlfriend are hoping Iyanla Vanzant can help them improve their relationship.  Taryll is Tito Jackson son and Michael Jackson’s nephew.

Delores Jackson’s death was initially ruled an accident

When Tito Jackson was 18-years-old, he married Delores.  Their marriage lasted from 1972 to 1993.  In 1994, Delores was found dead.  In the video at the end of this article, Delores’ family discusses her death.  Her family was initially told that she died, accidentally, in a pool.  Tito and Delores have three sons: Taryll, TJ and Toriano.  In the mid 90s they formed the group 3T and Tito managed them.

Taryll Jackson Mother Delores Martes Jackson
Taryll Jackson Mother Delores Martes Jackson


Donald Bohana charged in death of Delores Jackson

In 1998, four years after Delores was found dead, her former boyfriend, Donald Bohana, was convicted of second-degree murder.  Bohana was a businessman from Watts, California.  He helped bring the first Denny’s restaurant that served soul food to Watts.  He did business with numerous high profile entertainers, including Stevie Wonder and Muhammad Ali.
Bohana told the police that him and Delores fell into the pool.  She was propped against a tree in his yard when police arrived.  Prosecutors were able to prove that Bohana beat and choked Delores.  In 1998, Bohana was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison.
Delores Jackson Donald Bohana
Delores Jackson Donald Bohana


Is Taryll Jackson Gay?

No, Taryll Jackson is not gay.  Rumors about him and his brother, Taj, being gay are false.  Him and his girlfriend went to Iyanla Vanzant because they need help with their relationship.  Taj and Taryll’s personalities are similar to their uncle’s personality.  Michael Jackson was a nice, sweet person but he also wasn’t gay.

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