What Happened At The End Of Scandal? (SPOILERS)

At the end of Scandal season 6, episode 9, “Dead in the Water” we find out that Huck (Guillermo Diaz) is alive! Fans of the series were heartbroken after episode 8, “A Stomach For Blood.” Huck got shot multiple times and I thought he was dead.  Abby Whelan’s careless actions almost led to Huck’s death.  We’re hoping Olivia lets her return to Team Gladiator.

Quinn sits by Huck’s bedside

It’s obvious that Quinn still loves Huck.  This isn’t friendly love.  She sits at his bedside and tells him that she’ll never forgive him if he dies.  She also lectures him on trust and promises him that she’ll protect his blind spot if he survives.  Quinn starts walking away but then she hears Huck take a breathe.


What Happened At The End Of Scandal? Spoilers
What Happened At The End Of Scandal? Spoilers
Quinn crawls in Huck’s hospital bed with him.  Charlie watches from outside the room.  Huck and Quinn belong together and Charlie knows it.


Olivia holds Abby’s hand

Earlier in the episode, Olivia smacks Abby several times, warning her that Quinn would kill her if Huck dies.  Now that Huck’s alive, Olivia has calmed down.  She finds Abby, who breaks down in tears.  Olivia places her hand on Abby’s, showing that she forgives her.
How do you feel about the end of Scandal? Too much? Was the story unbelievable? Should Huck be dead? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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