Was Bryan Tanaka Just A ‘Boy Toy’ For Mariah Carey? Bryan Tanaka Age

Bryan Tanaka, one of Mariah Carey’s backup dancers, and Mariah Carey has broken up. Was he just a boy toy for her? He is a lot younger than her, he is 33-years-old and Carey is 47-years-old. Makes you wonder if he was just a boy toy for her since he was so much younger.

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What made the famous couple split? Apparently, according to reports, Mariah Carey not only got tired of his elaborate spending habits, since she was spending millions of dollars on him, but she also got tired of his jealousy over her close relationship with ex-husband, Nick Cannon. Of course she has a close relationship with him, they have kids together! That is just high school drama getting jealous over something like that, right? The couple dated for five months before Mariah Carey called it quits with their relationship. Surprised? Me either! Maybe she shouldn’t have mixed business with pleasure, right?

Was Bryan Tanaka Just A Boy Toy For Mariah Carey? Bryan Tanaka Age
Was Bryan Tanaka Just A Boy Toy For Mariah Carey? Bryan Tanaka Age
Mariah Carey’s family is horrified at the amount of money she was spending on this young man.
Although one report states that she got tired of his spending habits and his jealousy, other reports state that she decided to break-up with him so she could concentrate more on her music career and her children. Hmmm! Wonder which one is right? Probably both, right?
What do you think about this recent split between Mariah Carey and younger ex-boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka? Sound off with your thoughts on this and let us know what you think!