Tresure P – Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

So, who is Tresure P?
On the latest episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta, a few new ladies were
introduced and DJ Tresure P was one of them. Apparently, she is a mistress. But
to who? Not sure yet who
Tresure P is messing with. We know she is a mistress to a married man because
they say all she messes with are married men. 

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Episode 5 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta‘s sixth season, “War and Peace” showed Tresure P trying to make peace with Tommie Lee.  Tresure meets with Lovely Mimi and Moriah Lee to discuss her beef with Tommie.  Tresure and Tommie exchanged words while they were at the strip club.
Tresure P Love And Hip Hop Atlanta
Tresure P Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

Tresure is friends with Yung Joc and his baby mama, Sina

Tresure reveals that she’s friends with both Yung Joc and Sina, the mother of his twins.  According to Tresure, Sina thinks that her and Joc will get married soon.  Tresure is surprised to find out that Joc is in a relationship with Karlie Redd.  She doesn’t know what to do.  She works at the radio station with Yung Joc but she’s good friends with Sina.

Tresure fights Tommie Lee at the spa

Tommie and Tresure face-off at the spa.  Tommie throws fruit at her and Tresure warns her to stop.  Tresure says Tommie calling her out about sleeping with married men is like the pot calling the kettle black.  Tommie also messes with men in relationships.  Tresure throws fruit back at Tommie and then it all goes down.

Tommie and Tresure are in a deep conversation and then they are fighting like cats and dogs! What
is up with these two women? 

Tresure P isn’t the
only mistress on the show.  Moriah is also a mistress and we know who she is
messing with. It is Rod ‘Shooter’ Gates which is Sierra’s husband. Not only do
we know this but we also know that Moriah and Sierra are ‘friends’ and Moriah
markets Sierra’s business for her. 

Sierra has a business called ‘The Glam Shop’
and they work together to improve the business. But, Sierra doesn’t know that
Moriah is also working with Rod, Sierra’s husband in the background without
Sierra knowing a thing about it. Do you think she will soon find out?

Who do you think
Tresure P is messing with? Try to guess and let us know who you think it is by
leaving a comment below!