Tommie Lee – Le’Don Wine

Tommie Lee’s Le’Don wine was seen on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta‘s seventh episode of season 6, “Grapes of Wrath.” Media outlets (including us) loved reporting about Tommie’s mugshots, so it’s only right for us to give her new business venture some exposure.  Tommie is working hard to change her life and we wish her the best.

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Tommie names her win Le’Don because she’s a Don

Tommie is at Beer and Wine Craft in Sandy Springs working on her wine.  The shop’s owner, Joe Keenan, asks her about the name of the wine and Tommie says Le’Don because the word chardonnay has “don” in it.  She also explains that she chose the name because she’s a boss.  She says that she’s from a mob family and she’s excited to make some money.

Tommie Lee Le’Don Wine

“Never get high on your own supply”

Stevie J worked with Biggie Smalls on multiple hit songs throughout the 90s.  Biggie’s famous lyrics from “Ten Crack Commandments” were repeated numerous times throughout the episode.  Karen King thinks Tommie is an alcoholic.  She’s trying to support her but warns Tommie to sell her wine instead of consuming it.

Tommie isn’t feeling Karen’s doubt.  Tommie’s mother doesn’t support her so Karen’s approval is vital.  Karen proves that she’s on Tommie’s side by showing up to her event.  Karen puts Tommie on the phone with Scrapp DeLeon who also shows support for Tommie’s new business.

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