Tobias Truvillion Wife

Empire fans will be surprised to find out that Tobias Truvillion has a wife.  The actor plays D-Major on the series.  In episode 12 of the show’s third season, “Strange Bedfellows” we see D-Major fight Jamal’s new bae, Philip (Juan Antonio).  D-Major comes out for Jamal but it’s too late.  Jamal and Philip’s relationship is getting serious quick.

Tobias Truvillion’s approach to playing a gay character

In the video at the end of this article, Tobias explains that playing a gay character is not difficult.  He tells Gary with the Tea that it’s work so it’s mechanical.  Gary is gay and says that he could never kiss a woman.  Porsha Williams explains that it would be more difficult for her to kiss a woman than it would be for Gary.

Tobias Truvillion Wife
Tobias Truvillion Wife

We then see Tobias try to direct a scene between Gary and Porsha.  The actor coaches a kiss between Gary and Porsha and Gary hates it.

Jamal Lyon’s love triangle

When D-Major catches Jamal and Philip at Jamal’s house he flips out.  He throws a temper tantrum and slams his phone to the ground.  D-Major’s intensity grabs Jamal’s attention.  Jamal is a Lyon which means he’s used to chaos.  D-Major still has a chance to win Jamal’s heart.  Jamal couldn’t get his eyes off Jamal after Philip punched him.

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