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In Love and Hip Hop Atlanta‘s fifth episode of season 6, “War and Peace” we meet Kirk Frost’s friend Tango.  Kirk is spending time with Bobby Valentino, Stevie J, Scrappy, Ernest and Yung Joc.  The last time he spent time with Bobby Valentino, Kirk ended up in a hot tub with multiple women while Rasheeda was pregnant.

Kirk explains that him and Tango go way back.  He introduces him to the crew and they start playing poker.  Kirk reveals that Tango was with him in the strip club the night he cheated on Rasheeda with Jasmine Washington.  Kirk claims that he used protection so he’s not the father of Jasmine’s son.

Tango Love And Hip Hop Atlanta
Tango Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

Tango is Keanna’s ex-boyfriend

Yung Joc tells Kirk all the gossip that is being spread regarding Jasmine and her girlfriend, Keanna.  There’s a rumor that Kirk was also in a relationship with Keanna.  Jasmine and Keanna are Rod Bullock’s two girlfriends.  Scrappy asks who Keanna is and Tango reveals that it’s his ex-girlfriend.

Kirk claims that he didn’t have sex with Keanna.  He says that Tango and Keanna were in a relationship until Rod got out of jail.  Kirk says that the entire situation is about money.  Kirk explains that he was paying Jasmine to stay out of his life.

Tango calls Keanna to spill all the tea

Jasmine and Rod are looking at a new house with Kannon, Kirk’s new son.  Keanna shows up late because she received a call from Tango.  Yes, Tango spilled all the tea from his night out with the fellas.  Tango explains that he heard that Jasmine has been lying about Kirk being her baby father.  He also says that Rod is Jasmine and Keanna’s puppet-master.
How do you feel about Tango and his pillow-talking? Do you think Kirk is the father of Jasmine’s son? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.




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