Sonequa Martin-Green Husband, Baby – Sasha Dies? TWD

Sonequa Martin-Green’s husband is Kenric Green.  The couple’s son, Kenric Justin Green II, was born on January 10, 2015.  The Walking Dead‘s producers worked hard to hide her baby bump throughout the fifth season of the series.  Sonequa plays Sasha Williams on the series while Kenric plays Scott.

Maggie kills Sasha

Sadly, Maggie kills Sasha in episode 16 of the show’s seventh season, “The First Day of the Rest of Your Life.” The episode starts with Sasha listening to Donny Hathaway.  She falls asleep and we see a flashback of her and Abraham.  Negan enters her cell and tells her his plan.  He will use Lucille to kill three people.

Sonequa Martin-Green Husband Baby Sasha Dies TWD
Sonequa Martin-Green Husband Baby Sasha Dies TWD

Sasha starts crying and tell Negan that no one has to die.  Sasha is able to convince Negan to only kill one person.

Steven Yeun Sonequa Martin-Green
Steven Yeun Sonequa Martin-Green

We then see Sasha listening to music again before another flashback with Abraham.  Sasha loved Abraham dearly.  Negan kills Abraham in the season 7 premiere of the series.

Sasha ends up in a coffin.  When Negan opens the coffin, Sasha comes out as a zombie.  She attacks Negan but a Savior rescues him.

Jesus and Maggie kill Sasha towards the end of the episode.


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