Sierra Gates, Love And Hip Hop – The Glam Shop, Husband

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Sierra Gates is a hustler.  She owns The Glam Shop, one of Atlanta’s most popular beauty salons.  In episode 5 of season 6, “War and Peace” we meet Sierra’s husband, Rod Gates.  We also find out that Sierra’s employee, Moriah Lee, is sleeping with Rod.  Sierra is crazy and we can’t wait until she finds out.

The episode starts with Sierra and Rod on a double date with Karlie Redd and Yung Joc.  They’re having dinner at Princi Italia in Atlanta.  Yung Joc explains that he knows Shooter through the music industry.  Shooter hopes that the date will be a distraction from the issues he’s having with Sierra.  Rod and Sierra have been together for more than eight years but they’ve been married for seven years.

Sierra Gates Love And Hip Hop The Glam Shop Husband
Sierra Gates Love And Hip Hop The Glam Shop Husband

Rod says that he’s been spending most of his time in the studio, putting in work.  Despite his long hours, he says that Sierra works way too much.  She spends all her time at The Glam Shop and Shooter doesn’t like it.

Karlie Redd and Sierra show up and Karlie explains that Sierra has been doing a great job on her eyebrows.  Karlie and Sierra’s relationship is similar to Joseline’s relationship with Lovely Mimi.  The beauty industry is powerful in Atlanta and it looks like each cast member is getting their favorite beautician a role on the series.


Karlie airs out Yung Joc, explaining that he slept with Jasmine Washington.  Shooter says “Innocent until proven guilty” and Sierra tells him to shut up.  Sierra then starts discussing The Glam Shop and Lovely Mimi.  Sierra explains that she had her daughter when she was 15-years-old and her mother kicked her out the house.
Sierra says that Shooter isn’t holding it down in the bedroom.  Rod has heard enough and decides to leave.
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