Neffe – Keyshia Cole Sister, Shelby, Iyanla Fix My Life

Keyshia Cole’s sister, Neffeteria and her husband Shelby are on Iyanla, Fix My Life.  The former reality stars need Iyanla’s to fix their marriage.  Vanzant explains that their marriage breakdown was documented on reality television.  Many were surprised about Keyshia agreeing to appear on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood but true fans remember her reality series.

Neffe and Shelby live in a hotel room with their 5 children

Neffe is dealing with serious anger issues that are taking a toll on her marriage.  She explains that some of her anger comes from losing her first marriage and her son.  Her and her family now live in a hotel room, which makes Neffe more upset.  The couple’s family will be expanding soon.  One of their 5 children is expecting a baby so Neffe and Shelby will be grandparents.

Neffe Keyshia Cole Sister Shelby Iyanla Fix My Life
Neffe Keyshia Cole Sister Shelby Iyanla Fix My Life

Neffe spends $150 per week on alcohol

Neffe doesn’t believe she has an alcohol problem but Shelby says she does.  They’re struggling financially yet Neffe still manages to find $150 per week to buy alcohol.  The couple has been together for 5 years and Neffe says she doesn’t want a divorce.  She says she has been trying to find her true self but she’s having trouble.

Shelby explains that he loves Neffe but can’t continue to deal with her drinking problem.  he doesn’t love the other side of her and refuses to support an alcoholic.

Neffe and Shelby Divorce

The video below shows Neffe’s recent visit to Big Tigger’s V-103 radio show.  Tigger plays an audio clip from Neffe’s episode of Iyanla Fix My Life.  The clip features Neffe calling Shelby out for claiming that she fist fights him.  Neffe explains that it’s not true but Iyanla tries to convince her that Shelby considers her a violent person.
Neffe reveals that she’s going through a divorce.  She explains that the television series helped her find herself.  She says her and Shelby are still friends but they were living a lie.  We guess Iyanla was unable to fix Neffe’s life.
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