Nate Dogg’s Son, Naijel Hale And Darren Gardenhire – Arrested

The late rapper, Nate Dogg would be very disappointed with his 21-year-old son, Naijel Hale. On Wednesday, the Missouri Drug Task Force arrested Naijel Hale, his Montana state football teammate Darren Gardenhire, as well as a student by the name of Christopher Flanagan for dealing in prescription drugs. The prescription drugs they were dealing were Xanax which is a dangerous anti-depressant. Xanax should only be taken as prescribed. If more is taken and even mixed with other prescription drugs, the person doing this could die.

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According to multiple media outlets, this was all part of a drug task force sting operation. The people who were buying the Xanax were undercover cops. The undercover cop, with the drug task force, set up a drug deal with Hale to buy the Xanax. However, Hale had someone else, usually Gardenhire, to do the deal. This didn’t matter to the drug task force though because they were all three arrested once the deal was made. Hale is looking at life in prison for this and his bond was set at $25,000.

Nate Dogg's Son Naijel Hale And Darren Gardenhire Arrested
Nate Dogg’s Son Naijel Hale And Darren Gardenhire Arrested
During the drug raid, they found 355 Xanax pills, a small amount of marijuana, some LSD, 19 grams of mushrooms, and approximately $315 in cash. The fellow student, Christopher Flanagan admitted to dealing a large amount of Xanax to the public.
Not only this but, back in February, a deal was set-up with a confidential informant and Hale. However, before the meeting took place, Hale sent Gardenhire to meet with him instead. Gardenhire then admitted that Hale was the one who was selling the Xanax pills.
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