‘Empire’ Star Morocco Omari Arrested

Morocco Omari Arrested
Morocco Omari Arrested

Well if you were left shook from last nights episode (I know you saw that crazy fight scene), be prepared for more crazy news.  Morocco Omari from “Empire” was arrested! That’s right, the actor who plays Tariq was arrested although he is that annoying FBI Agent that’s after the Lyons on screen.

On Wednesday, a 24-year-old woman called police accusing Omari of pushing her to the ground multiple times during an argument. The police showed up, saw the scratches on her neck and chest, and arrested Morocco. He was then booked for misdemeanor domestic battery. The incident occurred in Chicago where the show films and the woman identified herself as Morocco’s girlfriend. Yikes.

Morocco Omari Arrested
Morocco Omari Arrested

Morocco Omari is 46 and was previously married to JoNell Kennedy. He’s been acting many years and has had stints on shows like “Joan of Arcadia” and “The Good Wife” before landing a recurring role on “Empire”. He hasn’t been in the news many times for any incidences unrelated to work so I wonder how this will affect his career. He is scheduled to make an appearance in court today but his reps haven’t released a statement which may happen after court.

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