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Moriah Lee – Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta fans learn more about Moriah Lee in episode 5 of season 6, “War and Peace.” Moriah’s man is finally revealed.  First, we see Treasure P meet up with Lovely Mimi and Moriah.  We then find out that Moriah is in a secret relationship with Rod “Shooter” Gates, Sierra’s husband.

Sierra Gates is the owner of The Glam Shop and Moriah handles her marketing.  Moriah is now handling additional tasks with Sierra’s husband.  We all know that Love and Hip Hop isn’t exactly real but this storyline is a reach.  So Rod agreed to allow VH1 to follow him and his side chick.  I thought you were supposed to keep your relationship with your side chick a secret.

Moriah Lee Love and Hip Hop Atlanta
Moriah Lee Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

We can’t be too surprised about Rod and Moriah’s relationship.  This is the same series that delivers Kirk and Rasheeda’s storyline season after season.  We can’t wait to see their children grow up and air them out for making the family look dumb.

Initially, many fans were undecided about Moriah Lee.  They liked the fact that she supported Lovely Mimi but they couldn’t quite figure her out.  At first, Moriah seems innocent and charming.  Fans have now seen her true colors and they’ve made their minds.  Moriah is on the same list as Joseline Hernandez.  The following tweet explains:

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