McDonald’s Getting Rid of Hi-C Orange?

Say it ain’t so! McDonald’s is removing Hi-C Orange from the drink menu. The change will be beginning on Monday May 1st and by July, it will be like they never offered that selection. McDonald’s recently just told us the secret to why their Coca-Cola is so delicious, but it seems like they only revealed that secret because they knew they were about to hit us right in the childhood with the new change. There is one question that is on everyone’s mind which is “Why would you get rid of Hi-C Orange Lavaburst?”

McDonald's Getting Rid Of Hi-C Orange?
McDonald’s Getting Rid Of Hi-C Orange?

Well, McDonalds is in the process of making a few changes actually. They are removing this fan-favorite flavor in order to make room for a new option called Sprite TropicBerry. I admit the flavor does sound very enticing but it seems like it’s just a fruit flavored version of Sprite. What about the non-soda drinkers? We still have Fruitopia and Blue Powerade but it won’t be the same.

In addition to the disheartening news, McDonalds has rolled out a prototype of their new uniforms which you can see below. People on social media are quite frightened by the new look because of it’s different variations of gray and boxed patterns and reminds them of Star Wars.

Recently the fast food chain has tested out different sized Bic Macs, but the chain hasn’t been the same since they completely removed the dollar menu. Personally, I think it hasn’t been the same since they took the cookies out of the Happy Meals! Do they still even give out toys in the Happy Meals? Let me know and tell us how you feel about this sudden change.