Lebron James – Breaks Backboard?

They said Lebron James
made history just by stepping onto the
court. He didn’t break the backboard but he almost did. He almost hit his head
on the backboard from the 360-degree slam
dunk he did. No wonder they call him King James! He is crazy on the basketball
court, right? Not only this, but he is King on the court since he has played in
200 playoff games so far!

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The Pacers didn’t have
a chance once James hit the court and started his dance moves. His biggest play
in the game came with just three minutes to spare before the buzzer sounded
when he almost hit his head on the backboard and nearly broke it with the
thunderous dunk he performed. The Cavaliers were trailing in the game by two
points. However, once he did this, he tied the game up!

LeBron James Breaks Backboard?
LeBron James Breaks Backboard?
This is when Kyrie
Irving came to help and put the Cavs on top of the game with a jumper. Between
Irving and King James, they gave the Cleveland basketball team a lead they
weren’t able to relinquish. Kevin Love came to help out too and with all three
of these team players, the team was back on top. 
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