Kyyngg Net Worth – Running, Gay?

Kyyngg’s net worth is $120,000.  He was seen running at Lenox Mall.  Chicago rapper, Lil Marcuz chased him through the parking lot.  Despite rumors, Kyyngg is not gay.  Now that the rapper has been exposed, he should apologize to Drake and his mom for pretending to be tough.  The video at the end of this article proves that Kyyngg is not about that life.

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Lil Marcuz is from Chicago

Kyyngg initially mistakes Lil Marcuz for a fan.  Marcuz gets his camera ready and we see Kyyngg throwing up gang signs.  Marcuz then starts screaming at Kyyngg and Kyyngg takes off running.  Marcuz stops filming but then takes his phone back out to record Kyyngg running through the parking lot.

Kyyngg Net Worth Running Gay?
Kyyngg Net Worth Running Gay?

Kyyngg claims Lil Marcuz had a gun on him

In the video, you can hear Marcuz say that he had his “s***” on him, referring to his gun.  Kyyngg claims that he stopped to grab his gun and Lil Marcuz knew how close to come.  Kyyngg shows off his cash, explaining that Marcuz didn’t rob him or cause any harm.  Kyyngg says Marcuz only recorded certain portions of the incident.

What do you think about Kyyngg running from Lil Marcuz? Do you think Kyyngg is gay? Is his net worth impressive considering he’s a new rapper? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.