Kendrick Lamar – 2nd Album Theory

Is Kendrick Lamar releasing another album? No, the Compton rapper is not releasing another album.  The theory that Kung Fu Kenny’s dropping a 2nd album arose after Kendrick’s producer, Sounwave, tweeted, “But what if I told you… that’s not the official version.” The talented producer broke the Internet.

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Kendrick’s producer was referring to the leaked version of DAMN.

Kendrick’s producer made additional tweets to clarify his first message.  He explained that the “unofficial version” he mentioned in his first tweet was the leaked version.  Sounwave says that the leaked version didn’t have some of Kendrick’s interludes and vocal pieces.  While we would love another Kendrick album, it’s not happening.

Kendrick Lamar 2nd Album Theory
Kendrick Lamar 2nd Album Theory

DAMN. first week sales projections

Kendrick’s first week sales projections are impressive.  The rapper moved 450,000 units.  That’s a record for Kendrick and puts him right behind Drake for the most successful opening of the year.  Drake’s More Life moved 505,000 units in its first week.

We all know Drake does numbers but Kendrick’s sales don’t always reflect his talent.

Kendrick is the best rapper alive according to many but he definitely doesn’t sell more records than the Kanyes, Drakes and Waynes of the world.  What did you think about DAMN.? Is it better than More Life? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.