Johnnie Winston Lawsuit – Kandi Burruss Employee Lawsuit

This is a hard one, so I really need you guys to think back to multiple episodes of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” in a second. Kandi Burruss’ former employee, Johnnie Winston, is suing the music mogul for unpaid wages for when he worked overtime for 20 hours a day every week for three whole years.

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Now at the beginning of this season when he first sought out Phaedra Parks’ legal advice, it seemed like he was just mad that he was either let go, or mad that that Kandi didn’t advertise his business as much as he thought he would, but fast forward to tonight’s episode and you’ll see that maybe Kandi really does owe him some coins…hear me out.

Johnni Winston Lawsuit Kandi Burruss Employee Lawsuit
Johnni Winston Lawsuit Kandi Burruss Employee Lawsuit

Kandi has had a really busy past few years, from putting on her play “A Mother’s Love” to throwing that extravagant “Coming to America” themed wedding, and Johnnie has been there from the get go! If you think back to the wedding special you can see that Johnnie really was in the cut working on everything. Kandi is a perfectionist especially since everything that she does has her name on it and we saw with our own eyes how much work goes into it so it’s really not hard to believe that Johnnie worked his 40 hour week plus many hours overtime, maybe not every week, but definitely quite a few.

It seemed very messy and petty to go to Phaedra for advice but he did it anyway (knowing that it will get him more camera time on the show) but according to Phaedra’s calculations he was paid about $2.30 an hour instead of the Georgia minimum of $7.25 an hour. Johnnie Winston served as event coordinator, studio manager, and production coordinator in many of Kandi’s events and we all know that Carmon and Don Juan probably did the bare minimum as usual. Johnnie also wanted to sue for Kandi stealing the Old Lady Gang restaurant idea, but he really had no case there.

What do you think is Johnnie Winston stretching or should Kandi Burruss pay up?