Jay-Z And Solange Elevator Fight – Audio

Everyone must remember the elevator fight between Beyonce’s little sister, Solange, and husband of Bey, Jay-Z. According to video footage that TMZ got a hold of and leaked to the public, Solange walked into the elevator with Jay-Z after the Met Gala party and attacked him. She started punching and kicking him. Although we aren’t completely aware of why she did this,. Sources who are close to the family say that Solange is very protective of her big sister.
Although this fight happened between the two, they are very much over it now. It is in the past so let it be, right? In fact, Beyonce said that family is the most important thing to all of them and they have decided to put the fight behind them.

Jay-Z And Solange Elevator Fight Audio
Jay-Z And Solange Elevator Fight Audio
Not only did the video leaked by TMZ become viral, Solange was the target of many jokes from the public.
Other theories have some people thinking about why Solange attacked Jay-Z too. One person said that maybe she is just a mean drunk and since Jay was there, why not take it out on him, right?
What do you think about the fight? Do you think it will ever happen again between the two? Whose side did you take? Solange? Jay-Z? Sound off with your opinions and let us know what you think.