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Is Huck Leaving Scandal? 2017 – Really Dead? Guillermo Diaz [SPOILER]

Is Huck alive!? He’s ALIVE! Episode 9 of Scandal‘s sixth season, “Dead in the Water” shows what happened to Huck after he got shot.  Fans of the series (including us) jumped to the conclusion that Huck was dead after episode 8, “A Stomach for Blood.”

Huck gets out the trunk of the car by forcing the seat down.  He tries to open the door but it’s stuck on a rock.  He then uses the headrest to break the window and get out the car.  Huck then swims to shore.  Olivia is convinced that Huck is dead but then Charlie delivers a motivational gladiator speech.

Jake remembers that he gave Jennifer a phone so they track it and finally find Huck.  The doctor tells Olivia and crew that Huck might die and if he does live he’ll have permanent brain damage.  “He’s being kept alive by machines” Olivia tells Fitz when he tells her to forgive Abby.

How did Scandal end?

We then see Quinn at Huck’s bedside.  She tells him he can’t die.  She starts to leave the room and Huck finally wakes up! Quinn jumps in his bed.  Charlie isn’t feeling their close relationship but who cares!? Huck’s alive!!!

Is Huck leaving Scandal in 2017? Is Guillermo Diaz’s character really dead? Yes, in episode 7 of the show’s sixth season, “A Traitor Among Us” Diego “Huck” Muñoz is shot to death by his new girlfriend, Meg.  Shonda Rhimes has done it again.  We love Scandal but we hate the fact that Huck is gone.

Olivia Pope: “I need you to kill Rowan.”

Scandal won’t be the same without Huck! He’s the only one who trusted Rowan, Olivia’s father.  Huck respects Olivia and will do anything for her.  He has killed numerous people for her but he refused to kill her father.  Olivia and crew wanted Rowan dead because they thought he killed the president-elect, Frankie Vargas

Huck doesn’t want to kill Rowan but he tries to fulfill Olivia’s command.  He follows Rowan into the metro and points his gun at him.  Rowan doesn’t have a gun but he does have a very convincing mouthpiece.  Huck realizes that he’s about to make a mistake.  Him and Rowan both adore Olivia so he doesn’t kill him.

Is Huck Leaving Scandal 2017?
Is Huck Leaving Scandal 2017?

Meg works for Abby

At the end of the episode, Abby meets up with Meg and asks her if it’s done.  Meg tells her the job is complete and assures Abby that Huck will have no idea that she was involved.  It looks like we’re about to see a war between Abby and Olivia.  Huck saved Rowan’s life and Olivia will go above and beyond to make sure that justice is served.

Is Guillermo Diaz Leaving Scandal?
Is Guillermo Diaz Leaving Scandal?

The summaries for the future episodes don’t mention Huck’s name.  The summaries for the future episodes don’t mention Huck’s name.  Episode 8, “A Stomach For Blood” will air on March 30.  We’ll hear the events from election night from Abby’s point-of-view.

Who Is Becky On Scandal?

Becky Flynn appeared in Scandal‘s second season.  She worked for the CIA and was in a relationship with Huck.  She kills Huck’s dog and entire family.  He visits her in prison to try to determine where he went wrong.  She tells him a lie about her sister having cancer that pisses Huck off.  Huck could have learned from Becky but now it’s too late.

Is Huck Dead On Scandal?
Is Huck Dead On Scandal?

What the Huck!?

Just like that, Huck’s gone.  He had a heart and that’s what killed him.  He opened his heart to Becky and his family ended up dead.  He opened his heart to Meg and he ended up dead.  We’ve seen him go through ups and downs.  From trying to reconnect with his family to being homeless after returning from the war.  He would have been a great father if the circumstances were different.

Is Huck Really Dead? Guillermo Diaz
Is Huck Really Dead? Guillermo Diaz


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