How Did Roseanne End?

By the end of Roseanne‘s final season, fans were confused.  “Into That Good Night” was the title of the two episode finale.  At the beginning of season 9, the Conners win the lottery, or at least that’s what we thought.  In reality, the Conners never won the lottery.  Roseanne Barr wrote the episode and I’m still not sure what she was thinking.  The episode left Roseanne fans annoyed.

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The finale ruined the ABC series.  Rosanne explains that the show was her fictional life that she was writing about.  She was coping with Dan’s death from season 8.  He died of a heart attack but she didn’t like that aspect of her life so she changed it in the book she was writing/what viewers were watching.  In reality Jackie is gay, not Bev.

How Did Roseanne End?
How Did Roseanne End?


The Conner-Healy Couples

Rosanne switched the couples around in her written world.  In reality Mark and Darlene were together and Becky and David were a couple.  Rosanne wasn’t happy with the way that worked out.  She thought Darlene and David made a better couple and that Mark was Becky’s type.

Roseanne explains that people call DJ a nerd but she considers him an artist.  He ended up going to college.  In the final scene, Rosanne looks at her book and then heads upstairs.  She sits on her couch and we hear that infamous laugh for the last time.
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