How Did Markeice Brown, Mercedes Shaday Smith Die?

Markeice Brown and Mercedes Shaday Smith both committed suicide.  The Cincinnati, Ohio couple dated and Mercedes committed suicide first.  Markeice killed himself after people blamed him for Mercedes’ death.  Smith was 18-years-old and attended Lindsey Wilson College.  She killed herself in her dorm room.

Markeice was the father of Mercedes unborn child

Markeice couldn’t handle Mercedes’ death and used Facebook Live to record an emotional video.  Scroll to the video at the end of this article to hear Brown’s message.  Markeice lost his girlfriend, his unborn child and people ignored his feelings, blaming his for the incident.  In a message he posted on Facebook, Markeice explains that he basically lost his own life once he lost Mercedes.


How Did Markeice Brown Mercedes Shaday Smith Die?
How Did Markeice Brown Mercedes Shaday Smith Die?

In the Facebook message, Markeice wonders why Mercedes didn’t tell him how she felt.  Many of us ignore our family member’s feelings and then we’re heartbroken when a tragedy like this happens.  You must be proactive and focus on the little things.  That one phone call could save someone’s life.  People who commit suicide usually feel alone.  Remind a loved one that you are there for them.  You could be saving the person’s life.

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