Evelyn Lozada Go Fund Me – Takari Lee

Evelyn Lozada donated money to Takari Lee’s Go Fund Me account and Jackie Christie isn’t happy.  Episode 2 of Basketball Wives season 6 starts with Evelyn explaining the situation to her daughter, Shaniece.  The ladies are at a mother-daughter photoshoot and Evelyn fills let’s Shaniece know what’s going on.

Jackie she called you a “despicable mother”

Tami Roman hates Evelyn Lozada.  Tami isn’t over her horrible marriage with former NBA star, Kenny Anderson.  A few seasons ago, Evelyn revealed that she slept with Anderson and Tami hasn’t forgiven her.  Roman wants the entire cast of Basketball Wives to hate Evelyn.  Tami calls out Jackie for being friends with Evelyn after Evelyn called Jackie a “despicable mother” on Takari Lee’s Go Fund Me page.

Evelyn Lozada Go Fund Me Takari Lee
Evelyn Lozada Go Fund Me Takari Lee

Jackie confronts Evelyn

Evelyn meets with Kareem Rush’s boyfriend, Bonnie-Jill.  The ladies play with a dog that Bonnie-Jill rescued from a lab.  Jackie then shows up and asks Lozada about her Go Fund Me donation.  Jackie gives Evelyn the benefit of the doubt because she knows Tami doesn’t like Evelyn.  Jackie tells Evelyn that Tami told her there was a comment made after the donation.

Evelyn almost loses it but she’s able to calm herself down.  She tells Jackie that she didn’t say anything foul and tells her to look up the comment because Tami is going crazy.  Roman explains the situation in the following Instagram post:

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