Erica, My 600 lb Life – Update, Now, Family

Erica Wall started on ‘My600 LB Life’ weighing in at a whopping 661 pounds. However, since being on the
show, she has lost a hard 200 pounds so far.
Erica hardly had any support from her family and when you are trying to lose weight, you succeed much better with a strong support system from friends and family. However, the only one she had to support her, although not all the way, was her sister, Molly.
Erica My 600 lb Life Update Now Family
Erica My 600 lb Life Update Now Family
Erica has a brother,
sister, and father. Sadly, her mom died a few years ago in a car accident.  According to Erica, her mom was always there for her, especially when she first
underweight gastric bypass surgery as a teenager.   It seems, her mom was her only support system since her dad made fun of her and her brother said he wanted nothing to do with her or her weight loss journey.
It must be really hard to not have the full support you need when going through something so hard on your life and emotional. Her dad said one day: “Where did my daughter go? She went to sleep and woke up Godzilla!” How cruel is that for her own dad to say that about her?
Although Erica didn’t have much support, she did lose 200 pounds so far with the help of Dr. Now.
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