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Does Lil Wayne Have Cancer?

The rumor that rapper, Lil Wayne has cancer is false.  The rumors started after the New Orleans rapper started having seizures.  Epileptic seizures are common among cancer patients.  Last year, Lil Wayne suffered multiple seizures epilepsy-related seizures.  Multiple media outlets suggest that Wayne’s seizures are a side effect of drinking lean but the rapper says they’re because of epilepsy.

Lil Wayne vs Birdman, the feud continues

Stress causes sleeping issues and mood problems which can lead to seizures.  If there’s one person who has been stressing Lil Wayne it’s Birdman.  Wayne recently announced that Jay-Z and Roc Nation are helping him out but the New Orleans rapper hasn’t resolved his problems with Birdman and Cash Money.
Does Lil Wayne Have Cancer?
Does Lil Wayne Have Cancer?

Lil Wayne reacts to Dez Bryant’s race-centered Instagram post

Lil Wayne’s views on race is complicated.  In the past, he has made questionable comments about the Black Lives Matter movement along with numerous other race issues.  In the following video, Wayne reacts to Dez Bryan’s race-centered Instagram post.  Scroll down to read Bryant’s Instagram post.  The video below shows Wayne’s reaction.
Wayne explains that Bryant’s comments reveal a different side of the football player.  Shannon Sharpe explains that he responded to Bryant’s comments but Dez took the response the wrong way.
A post shared by Dez Bryant (@dezbryant) on Apr 9, 2017 at 11:23am PDT

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