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DJ Melissa Scott – Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6

How old is Melissa Scott? The DJ was born on August 23, 1975 and is currently 41-years-old.

Mimi Faust isn’t feeling Melissa Scott.  Mimi hates Joseline Hernandez but Melissa is friends with everyone.  Mimi visits Melissa to discuss the DJ’s friendship with Joseline.  Mimi ends up storming out of Melissa’s apartment because Melissa refuses to end her relationship with Joseline.

Melissa’s relationship with Ariane Davis

In episode 8 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta‘s sixth season we find out that Melissa used to date Ariane Davis.  Atlanta is small and everyone knows each other.  Melissa and Ariane are no longer friends.  They met up to discuss Mimi and their previous relationship.  They still have feelings for each other and Ariane ends up storming out.

DJ Melissa Scott aka “DJ M” is one of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta‘s newest cast members.  She’s friends with Mimi Faust and Joseline Hernandez.  The season 6 premiere episode, “Who’s Your Daddy” showed Melissa involved in multiple storylines.  This article will present information about her and summarize the role she played in everyone’s drama.

We meet Melissa at Imperial Fez, a Moroccan restaurant located in Buckhead, Atlanta.  She owns a bar and has party buses.  She describes herself as one of the biggest promoters in the country and the biggest LGBT promoter in Atlanta.

DJ Melissa Scott Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6
DJ Melissa Scott Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6

Melissa runs the company Traxx Girls.  Although they throw some of the most popular LGBT parties in the nation there are some people who have never heard of her.

If you have attended Atlanta Pride Weekend you have definitely heard of Traxx Girls.  Scott is a hustler.  She also rents out luxury cars.

Mimi Faust’s New Girlfriend?

Mimi reveals that she’s still dating women but Melissa is not her new boo.  Melissa says that she has known Mimi forever.  The two have always had good chemistry and Mimi loves partying on Melissa’s buses.  Melissa explains that the timing has never been right for her and Mimi to take their relationship to the next level.

Mimi is definitely attracted to Melissa.  She gets jealous when she hears about her relationship with Joseline.  Melissa tells Mimi that her and Joseline have a mutually beneficial business relationship.  Scott is a smart businesswoman who doesn’t have any enemies.

Melissa Attends Joseline Hernandez’s Masquerade Party

Joseline Hernandez is pregnant but she still knows how to turn up.  Young Dro attends her masquerade party where the two rappers introduce their new track.  Melissa brings them drinks.  Joseline explains that Melissa is one of her closest friends.  Joseline doesn’t approve of Melissa’s relationship with Mimi but there’s nothing she can do about it.

Melissa Has Known Kirk For Over 20 Years

Melissa has known Kirk for two decades so of course she knows Rasheeda.  Karlie Redd shows up at Joseline’s party and Melissa greets her.  Melissa follows Karlie as she approaches Yung Joc.  That’s when we meet Kirk’s baby mama, Jasmine Washington.  Karlie has several questions for Jasmine and Jasmine answers them.
Jasmine says she recently gave birth and the baby’s father is Kirk.  Melissa says, “Kirk who?” Jasmine repeats herself and everyone’s shocked.
Kirk shows up and denies Jasmine’s allegations.  He leaves and Melissa and Karlie head over to Soul Bar at Pal’s Lounge.  Melissa owns the bar.  She’s behind the bar, explaining why everyone loves her.  Karlie calls Mimi to tell her what happened.
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