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David Bromstad Tattoo – Gay, Married, Boyfriend?

David Bromstad’s tattoos were seen on My Lottery Dream House.  The designer is openly gay but he’s not married.  He’s been in a relationship with his boyfriend for more than 8 years.  Scroll to the Instagram post to see David’s boyfriend.  David has three tattoos.  The dragonfly on his shoulder was his first tattoo.

Bromstad has Chinese symbols on his forearm along with a cross in a tribal pattern.  David has always been interested in art, as seen in the image below.  The Chinese symbols mean “Artist, Painter.” I like David’s “Limited Edition” chest tattoo the best.  A few years ago, he only had the words.  Since then, he’s added a gorgeous design and a heart in the middle.

David Bromstad Tattoo Gay Married Boyfriend
David Bromstad Tattoo Gay Married Boyfriend

In the following Instagram post, Bromstad explains that his boyfriend surprised him with balloons and an amazing dinner.  The couple looks great together.  Bromstad’s boyfriend is also muscular.  I bet they love working out together.


Bromstad was born on August 17, 1973.  He rose to fame in 2006 after winning HGTV Design Star.  He has been working hard since then.  David’s current net worth is $3 million.


What do you think about David Bromstad’s tattoos? Did you know he had a boyfriend? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


By Jason John

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