Carmelo And La La Anthony – Still Together? Divorce?

Carmelo and La La Anthony are still together.  The couple did not get a divorce yet La La recently moved out of the house they own together.  Their are ups and downs in relationships and the Anthonys are most likely experiencing a rough patch.  Despite their issues, anyone familiar with their relationship understands how much they adore each other.

Carmelo Anthony’s NBA career

Carmelo Anthony’s NBA career is not what it used to be.  Carmelo is the 9th highest player in the league but the New York Knicks didn’t make the playoffs this year.  Anthony is 32-years-old and he’s not the dominant played he once was.  He’s most likely having a difficult time dealing with that reality.
Carmelo And La La Anthony Still Together? Divorce?
Carmelo And La La Anthony Still Together? Divorce?

Carmelo Anthony vs Phil Jackson

Melo has been signed to brand Jordan for years and has a great relationship with Michael Jordan.  Jordan won 6 championships with the Chicago Bulls while being coached by Phil Jackson.  When Jackson was named the president of the New York Knicks, many thought him and Anthony would have a great relationship but that didn’t happen.

Jackson recently made negative remarks about Anthony’s productivity.  The former NBA coach explained that Carmelo would be better with a different team.  Anthony is most likely bringing that stress home.  La La is probably trying to help but there’s nothing she can do.
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By Jason John

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