Asia Childress Bryant – R Kelly Married Girlfriend?

This is a definite case of R. Kelly’s mind telling him no but body telling him yes! We always hear about married celebrities having side chicks but in this case R. Kelly is allegedly the side guy to a married woman! The rumor seems to be confirmed because the husband of that woman is suing R. Kelly for emotional distress and interference of marriage. Who is the Miss Thang who has caused all this drama? Meet Asia Childress Bryant.

Asia Childress Bryant R. Kelly Married Girlfriend
Asia Childress Bryant R. Kelly Married Girlfriend

Her husband’s name is Kenny Bryant. According to the filed papers, Asia was romantically involved with Robert Kelly before their marriage in 2012 but assured her husband that the affair was over. According to Faneoulous, the couple went to an R. Kelly concert soon after their wedding and he believes that;s where the old flames reconnected.

Kenny Bryant also alleges that his wife convinced him to quit his job and move to Atlanta but he believes it was only to be close to her boyfriend R. Kelly. Messy.

Now the singer is being hit with a lawsuit from Kenny, that is legal in Mississippi, detailing the affair and how he tried everything he could to save his marriage but it didn’t work due to “R. Kelly’s continued sexual overtures.” Asia was living above her means according to her husband which led him to believe that she was receiving funds and luxuries from the R&B living legend. You can read some of the official court documents below and text messages of the allegations here.

What do you think about this drama? Does Kenny deserve to win this lawsuit?