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Aries Spears Knocked Out By Zo Williams

Aries Spears made light skinned jokes aimed at Zo Williams and Zo punched him in his head multiple times.  Witnesses say Zo knocked Aries out cold.  The incident occurred during Spears’ appearance on the Corey Holcomb 5150 Show.  Scroll to the end of this article to see a video of the fight.

Zo Williams wrote a public apology

Zo posted an apology, explaining that he’s an adult and he should have handled the situation differently.  Williams put his career in jeopardy and we hope he gets some help.  Aries was doing his job as a comedian.  He made some jokes that Zo shouldn’t have taken personal.  Zo works with Corey Holcomb, one of the meanest comedians on the planet.

Aries Spears Knocked Out By Zo Williams
Aries Spears Knocked Out By Zo Williams

Who is Zo Williams?

Zo Williams is an author and radio personality.  It’s sad that many people will jump to the conclusion that he’s crazy because of the incident.  He’s actually a very smart person who has earned the nickname “The Hip Hop Dr. Phil.” Williams started as a music executive.  He decided to turn his back on music because of the negative content in many songs.

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