Aaron Hernandez Baby Mama – Shayanna Jenkins

Aaron Hernandez was found dead in his prison cell today of an apparent suicide. According to reports, Hernandez hung himself and was found with a bible verse written across his forehead. This has, of course, left fiancé and mother of his four-year-old daughter, Shayanna Jenkins heartbroken. Here are a few things we have learned about Jenkins.

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Hernandez and Jenkins met in college

Shayanna Jenkins met Aaron Hernandez while they were students at the University of Florida in 2007. This is where Hernandez started his football career playing for the Florida Gators. They were actually college sweethearts.  The New England Patriots star cheated on Shayanna but she decided to stay with him.

Aaron Hernandez Baby Mama Shayanna Jenkins
Aaron Hernandez Baby Mama Shayanna Jenkins

The couple had a baby together

The child is four-years-old now and she was born with the full name of Avielle Janelle Jenkins-Hernandez in November of 2012. Now the little girl will have to grow up without her father.  A few days before Hernandez died his daughter saw him in court.  She cried because she was unable to interact with him.

Shayanna stuck by her man’s side

When the murder of Odin Lloyd happened in 2013 and Hernandez went on trial for it, Shayanna stood by his side no matter what. That is how loyal she was to him and how much she loved him.  Some would argue Shayanna was too loyal.  She could have ended up in jail, leaving their daughter without parents.

Jenkins testified during the trial

She was granted immunity in exchange for her testimony. She testified that she was told to go downstairs in their storage and remove a box from their home. She was told to throw the box away in a random dumpster. She also confessed to finding a gun in their home but said she didn’t confront him about it.
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