Who Is Ceaser From Black Ink Dating?

Ceaser from Black Ink Crew is currently dating Tatu Baby.  The reality star didn’t die in a fatal car accident.  Scroll to the Instagram post below to see a video he recently posted.  Ceaser explains that Black Ink is expanding.  Ceaser is currently worth $2.5 million and he’s using his earnings to open more shops.

Black Ink Atlanta opens on March 4, 2017 and Black Ink Orlando opens on April 1, 2017.  We would love to see Ceaser open a shop in North Carolina, home of his ex-girlfriend, Dutchess.  Episode 8 of Black Ink Crew‘s fifth season, “Ride The Sky Train” proved that Dutchess is the last person on Ceaser’s mind.  He’s moved on to bigger and better things:

Who Is Ceaser From Black Ink Dating?
Who Is Ceaser From Black Ink Dating?

Ceaser is now dating Katherine Flores aka Tatu Baby.  The image above shows that she’s curved in all the right places.

Ceaser and Tatu Baby haven’t officially announced that they’re together but there’s no denying the chemistry.  Ceaser is from Harlem and he loved expanding his boundaries with Tatu Baby.  Ted approved of the Miami tattoo artist.  Black Ink Crew‘s cast hates seeing Ceaser in a sad mood over Dutchess.  They’re over her and they want him to move on.
The video below shows Ceaser and Tatu Baby during their intimate date:

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