What Was Negan Before ‘The Walking Dead’ Outbreak?

Have you ever wondered
what your favorite characters’ lives were
like before “The Walking Dead” outbreak? We can tell you what Negan’s life was like before the world ended. As
you watch Negan beat someone to death
with a baseball bat, your curiosity about what life was like before the
outbreak for Negan is over. 

According to reports,
Negan was not only a school teacher but
he was also a ping-pong coach. You can thank Comicbook.com
for letting us know this. The producers of “The Walking Dead” never tell us the
back-story of the characters of the show, but now we know what Negan was before all Hell broke loose!

What Was Negan Before The Walking Dead Outbreak?
What Was Negan Before The Walking Dead Outbreak?
 The first page of the Comicbook website was
just released and you can expect to read more about your favorite characters
when the rest of the 48 pages are released in four-page increments every month.
Check it out and keep up-to-date on your favorite characters. 
What do you think the
other characters lives were like? What do you think about Negan being a school teacher and a ping-pong
coach before the world ended with all Hell breaking loose all over the place?
Sound off with your thoughts on this and let us know what you think!