What Song Did Drake Steal From X?

What Song Did Drake Steal From X?
What Song Did Drake Steal From X?
Did Drake steal a snippet of a song from X? Fans and critics alike are accusing Drake of sounding just like another rapper. People have gone to Twitter to blast the rapper for sounding just like X when he sings a certain song. What song is that you are wondering? It is a song off of his “More Life” album and people aren’t happy about it at all.

Some people already think he sounds like every other rapper out there. They think he has lost his creativity. Some fans are saying he sounds like Lil Uzi Vert and South Florida Sound Clapper rapper XXXXTENACION.
Here are some of the Tweets fans and critics are Tweeting about Drake stealing from other rappers:
“Again: Drake is extremely talented. He’s just not creative.”
Drake copying everyone’s flow, first Future, then 21 Savage, now XXX and Lil Uzi. Man’s gotta retire already.”
“The Drake clip sounds like the flow Uzi uses and that X used on Look at Me but the beat sounds like a less intense look at me clone.”
“Music is about creativity, originality, and expressing yourself. I could never respect Drake as an artist because of that.”
As you can tell, fans are not happy about this at all.
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