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What Is The Get Out Challenge?

The Get Out Challenge was inspired by a hilarious scene from the 2017 comedy horror movie.  The scene features Walter (Marcus Henderson), the groundskeeper running full speed towards Chris (Daniel Kaluuya).  At the last second, Walter makes a sharp turn.  Scroll to the gif below to see the unforgettable scene.

Chris steps outside to try to smoke a cigarette.  He’s being discrete because Rose’s (Allison Williams) father Dean (Bradley Whitford) doesn’t want his daughter dating a smoker.  Suddenly, Walter is coming at him full force.  Social media’s reaction to the scene has been hilarious.  The Get Out Challenge features people reenacting the scene.

What Is The Get Out Challenge?
What Is The Get Out Challenge?

2017 has been the year of social media challenges.  The Soulja Boy Challenge and Stay Alive Challenge are two of my favorites.  The video at the end of this article shows some hilarious Get Out Challenge submission videos.
We are all big kids.  A majority of the people I’ve seen submit videos have been 25+.  There’s nothing like reenacting a funny scene from a movie.  This challenge should come with a disclaimer.  While we love the fact it’s making people run, you can hurt yourself if your timing isn’t accurate.

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If you haven’t seen Get Out you may want to stop reading this post now.  Spoilers ahead.  Jordan Peele has the perfect cure for the nation’s racial tension: comedy.  Racism is a serious issue that can’t be ignored.  We have a substantial amount of work to do but that doesn’t mean we can’t laugh at some of the comedy that surrounds the nation’s racial problems.  Let’s discuss some of the movie’s most interesting moments.

Chris Observes Strange Behavior From Walter And Georgina

Walter isn’t the only person acting weird.  On the same night the groundskeeper runs towards him, Chris also witnesses Georgina, the maid, acting strange.

Georgina Get Out
Georgina Get Out

Walter and Georgina aren’t exactly slaves.  Dean hired them to care for his parents.  After they died, Dean couldn’t let them go.

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After A Conversation With Walter, Chris Realizes Missy Hypnotized Him To Stop Smoking

Rose’s mother, Missy, tries to convince Chris that hypnosis will help him stop smoking.  Missy starts asking Chris about his mother’s death and he explains how guilty he feels about it.  He’s sitting down watching television when Missy finally has her way.  She hypnotizes him, taking him to a “sunken place.” When he wakes up he thinks he had a horrible nightmare.
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Walter Is Grandpa Armitage, Rose’s Grandfather

Georgina is Dean’s mother and Walter is Dean’s father.  Dean gave his parents new life by putting their brains in two younger black bodies.  Chris ends up killing Dean, Jeremy and Missy.  He then runs over Georgina.  A police car pulls up as Chris is trying to kill Rose.  Luckily, Rod is driving the car.  He came to save Chris.  Rose dies while Rod and Chris #GetOut!

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The following video is our favorite:

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Pure comedy:

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We can’t wait to see Jordan Peele’s next movie! Get Out was an instant classic.

What Is The Get Out Challenge?
What Is The Get Out Challenge?

Which #GetOutChallenge video is the best? Let us know in the comment section below!

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