What Happened to Reid on Criminal Minds 2017?

So, exactly what happened to Reid on Criminal Minds this week? Wow! You won’t believe it but one of the BAU’s own people got arrested and landed in a Mexican prison. Why? First, there was a high-speed chase which ended up with cocaine and heroin being found in the trunk of Reid’s car, thousands of dollars worth at that! This didn’t end well for Reid since he was hauled to jail right after this was found.

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Reid didn’t have much to say to the Mexican officials except for asking to be able to call his mother.
While on the way to Mexico, the rest of the team learns that Reid told his mother’s nurse that he would be gone for about three days. When Reid was found, he was high on cocaine and heroin which would account for his “missing time.” This leaves the team wondering if “Mr. Scratch” is behind this whole thing.

What Happened To Reid On Criminal Minds 2017?
What Happened To Reid On Criminal Minds 2017?
While the jail nurse is drawing blood, Reid sees the name of Rosa Medina tattooed on his arm and then his memory starts to come back. He starts remember when he was tortured in season two by Tobia Hankel. He also starts remembering when his dad walked out on him when he was just a child.
After the team finds out about him medicating himself, they decide to visit him in jail. They soon realize that the name tattooed on his arm, Rosa Medina is actually an alias for Nadie Ramos who they later find stabbed to death in a motel room.
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