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What Happened To James On ‘My 600 Pound Life?’ Supersized Update

What Happened To James On My 600 Pound Life?
What Happened To James On My 600 Pound Life?

Update: Is James the Most Disliked Person on ‘My 600 Pound Life?’
After the last episode of ‘My 600 Pound Life’ aired on Thursday night, everyone went on an outrage over James King. He started the show weighing in at 791 pounds and may be the biggest person who ever appeared on the show.
After the doctor who was treating him Dr. Now, prescribed him to physical therapy and suggested a good diet and exercise, it seems James K gained weight instead of losing.
Dr. Now went off on James K. and all he and his wife, Lisa did was say they tried to follow the doctor’s orders a couple of times. It seems Lisa is enabling him and the doctor thinks she is afraid of James. How can she be afraid of someone who just recently was able to sit up when he started doing his physical therapy, which was the only thing he seemed to do when following the doctor’s advice?
Lisa does enable him. When he asked for Chinese food, she got it for him. Why is she enabling him and why is she so afraid of James?
So, James now weighs in at 850 pounds. This is why the doctor is so mad at him and blew up at him. They even did a video chat instead of him having to get out of bed and fly to Houston. This is the first for the show.
What do you think of James not following the doctor’s orders and gaining so much more weight instead of losing? Sound off with your thoughts on this and others and let us know!
James King is from Paducak, Kentucky and is an obese man who weighs 791 pounds. According to reports, his lowest moment made him turn to the show My 600 Pound Life Supersized on TLC to get the help he needs to lose the weight he needs to lose in order to survive and have a better life. That lowest moment was when he fell, hurt his ankle, and had to have the local fire department come in and take him out of his house and take him to the hospital. He couldn’t walk after that.
James’ mother died when he was just a young teenager, he is now 46-years-old. It seems his weight got out of control a few years after that. His dad actually told the producers of the show that his weight started getting out of control about five or six years ago. His dad said he tried helping him by letting him know his weight was getting out of control but it seems James wouldn’t listen.
Although James has reached out to the show for help and he can get Gastric Bypass surgery to take the weight off, he has to lose some of the weight first before he can have the surgery. The reason for this is that he has to be at a certain weight for the surgery to be safe for him.
Stay tuned for the next episode to find out what James will do. What do you predict for James? Sound off with your opinion in the comments below and let everyone know what you think. 

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By Clarissa Wilson

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