What Happened to Fernando Torres?

What Happened To Fernando Torres?
What Happened To Fernando Torres?

Although Fernando Torres has suffered a head injury during a match, he is in the hospital and doctor’s say he is stable and conscious now.  The soccer player left fans in shock after falling very hard.  The video at the end of this article shows the horrific incident.
According to reports, on March 3, Torres was playing a match against Deportivo and ended up falling down heavily while he was on an 85th aerial challenge with Alex Bergantinos.
Nothing to worry about though, although he fell hard, CT scans showed that he has no serious head injuries. Thank goodness! However, he will remain in the hospital under a doctor’s care for now.
According to the Spain native, 32-year-old Torres, he released a statement saying that although it was scary, he hopes to come back to playing very soon!

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Everyone, including the coach, was very worried about Torres but are now relieved he has had no serious head injuries and will be fine.
The coach was worried and scared for Torres because he fell so hard that they heard the blow from the bench, saw him fall hard, and didn’t know if the noise from it was his neck or not.
Atletico ended up finishing the game after this happened with Torres but was very worried and scared for him as well. However, he did finish the game with 10-men, including the three substitutes.
What do you think? Sound off with your opinion in the comments section below and let everyone know how you feel about this! Soccer is not typically considered a dangerous sport but the video below proves that anything can happen.  #PrayForFernando